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Bundestag, Berlin, Jerman .[Foto Khairul Fajri Yahya/Waa].

WAA News – Sunday 28/06/2009

Press Release

Dear Sir and Madam,

World Achehnese Association (WAA), which is the world Aceh Civil Organization based in Denmark and has representatives in several countries in the world such as Norway, Germany, Canada, United States, Finland, Sudan, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Australia, Yemen and Paraguay will hold a session in the form of peaceful action on Saturday July 04, 2009 in Berlin, Germany..

The event theme is ’Sustainability of Peace in Aceh’, will be focused in the Brandenburger Tor, which is a historic ancient gate and pride of Germany.

The events will conduct by Germany WAA representatives, in addition to direct support by the WAA Head Quoter, Watch Indonesia (WI) and several other International institutions that work in the field of enterprising of peace and Human Rights.

We also invite all elements of Acehnese society and the international ecumenical community in general and Germany in particular will be able to participate in the event.

Send your support for supporting the Peace Action is represented Organization / Institution or individual to the World Achehnese Association (WAA) Secretariat Molleparken 20, 9690 Fjerritslev, Denmark or to the E-mail address

We are very grateful for all the support and assistance to succeed the event for the creation of a lasting peace and sustainable prosperity for all the of Aceh people.

All the Best,

Khairul Fajri Yahya
World Achehnese Association Coordinator for Germany

Sunday 28 Juni 2009
Fjerritslev, Denmark

Tarmizi Age/Mukarram
World Achehnese Association (WAA)
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