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World Achehnese Association (WAA) Discusses Various Programs for Aceh

World Achehnese Association activists (WAA) take a picture after a meeting in Aabybro, Nordjylland, Denmark on Saturday 20/6/2009. [Photo by Suhadi Yahya / Waa].].

WAA News – Tuesday 23/06/2009

Dear World Achehnese, International Community,
Institutions and Media

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

World Achehnese Association (WAA) on Saturday 20 June 2009, had a special meeting in Revlingestien 57, Aabybro, Nordjylland, Denmark.

Meeting regarding the evaluation of various activities that have been doing by World Achehnese Association (WAA), as well as discuss the various programs that are currently and will be implemented in the future for Aceh.

The meeting agenda are concerning, a sustainable education campaign program for children successor generation of Aceh, humanitarian programs for Aceh, introduction campaign program of Aceh nation in the foreign countries with all of the efforts, and inure Acehnese spirit for the Aceh children who live in abroad.

Writing Competition Program the theme is ‘Conflict and Peace in Aceh’ which is planned to be held in this year also was discussed in the meeting.

Even the preparation for World Achehnese Association (WAA) peace campaign action which is to be held in Berlin-Germany with the theme ‘Sustainability of Peace in Aceh’ was one of the important discussion issue in the meeting.

Matters concerning the preparation of WAA Petition that will be submitted to new Aceh Parliament, the first WAA Silaturahmi Ban Sigom Donja Program, Anniversary of 4 years of Peace Agreement between GAM and Indonesia on 15 August 2009, Anniversary of the Aceh Struggle Days on 4 December also was discussed in the meeting.

Also discussed the issues of anniversary of 5-years the Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster on 26 December 2009, Anniversary of the Universal Human Rights Day in December and Cultural programs to increase International Community knowledge about Aceh.

World Achehnese Association (WAA) does not stop here, but will continue to encompass variety of other programs be able to held in the future for Aceh.

In this case in order to achieve and success all of the programs that have been planned in the interest of the Aceh Nation, therefore it is really need assistance and cooperation in all sectors from all of Acehnese, International Community, Institutions and Media throughout World.

We are thanking you in advance for all support and assistance that has been provided for World Achehnese Association (WAA)

Your Sincerely,

Fjerritslev, Denmark
Monday, 22 Juni 2009

Tarmizi Age/Mukarram
World Achehnese Association ( WAA )
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